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TEL: +81-3-6858-4506
10:00 - 18:30 open year round

Cruise of August 18, 2022

These seats are currently available.
* Member registration is not required. To make reservations for today or tomorrow, please contact us by telephone (English 81-3-6858-4506 / Chinese 81-3-6858-4411).

  • Select your preferred date. Please check available seating for each product.
  • [Available] ... Reservations available.
    [Available Slightly remaining] ... Only a few seats left.
    [Sold out] ... Full of booking.
  • * Sometimes reservations can be made even when [Sold out] is indicated. To check availability, please contact us by telephone (English 81-3-6858-4506 / Chinese 81-3-6858-4411).
  • * Depending on reservations being accepted in real-time, we may not be able to make reservations even by telephone when [Available Slightly remaining] is indicated.
  • * The child who under 7 years of age can not take French and Italian set at dinner time.
[Available Slightly remaining] French La'mer set
[Available Slightly remaining] Italian set
[Available Slightly remaining] French Chefs special set
[Available] Beer&cocktail Japanese Plan
[Available] Beer&cocktail Captain's Plan
[Sold out] umi-no-tamatebako
[Sold out] sushi-kaiseki haru
[Available] Japanese beef steak set
[Sold out] French La'mer set
[Sold out] Italian set
[Sold out] French Chefs special set
[Available Slightly remaining] French Royal set
[Available Slightly remaining] Beer&cocktail Japanese Plan
[Available Slightly remaining] Beer&cocktail Captain's Plan
[Available] sushi-kaiseki kagayaki
[Available Slightly remaining] Japanese beef steak set
Special Menu
Cruise only
[Available Slightly remaining]Lunch(11:50-14:00)
[Sold out]Dinner(19:00-21:30)
Couple Plan French
[Available Slightly remaining]Lunch(11:50-14:00)
[Sold out]Dinner(19:00-21:30)
Croissant set

Smoking is prohibited in all seats on the ship. Smokers must use the ship's smoking area.