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Private room PlanPrivate room Plan

Nine private rooms can be rented for parties from six to 280 people, with a variety of party styles available from stand-up cocktail parties to seated dining. Why not use this unusual location on the sea with views from Tokyo Bay for a luxurious and elegant party to celebrate, reward, gather socially, hold a workshop, welcome reception, meeting, dinner party, and more?

Three dining styles

  • Plan1 Seated French Course
  • Plan2 Seated buffet course
  • Plan3 Standing buffet course

Private room Plan

Private room Plan Private room Plan Lunch Cruise Private room Plan Sunset Cruise Private room Plan Dinner Cruise
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All you can drink plan

Facility Usage Fee



Ship name Room name Minimum to charter
Number of guarantors
Maximum number of people Facility Usage Fee
Formal Dinner Buffet (standing) Buffet (sitting)
Moderna Emperor 70 180 280 150 50,000yen
Prelude 20 50 70 35 20,000yen
Fantasy 20 50 70 35 30,000yen
Polonaise 40 80 120 70 40,000yen
Heroica 6 14     10,000yen
Classica Concerto 40 80 100 60 40,000yen
Pastoral 40 90 130 70 40,000yen
Quartet 15 30 40 20 10,000yen
Menuet 15 30 40 20 10,000yen
  • 1. Usage starts from fifteen people. If there is an insufficient number of guarantors, please get in touch.
  • 2. The price per person and dining style can be selected according to the cruise, length of time, and day of the week.
  • 3. There are eight rooms available, which can be chosen according to the size of the group.

Talk to us about unique staging elements for your party: flowers, drinks (open bar), live music, etc.


Option Prices
Magician (table magic) 110,000yen~
Live pianist 49,500yen~
Dixie band (three musicians) 176,000yen~
Screen & projector (100 inch) 38,500yen~
Balloon release (50 balloons) ※ Held on the deck before departure. 49,500yen~
Flower table centerpieces 3,300yen~
Group photo - 15 cm x 20 cm (one photo) ※ Taken before departure. 1,300yen
Stage sign 36,300yen~
Shuttle bus 55,000yen~
  • ※ Additional services are available. Please inquire about what can be done within your budget.
  • ※ Tax included.
  • ※ Please make reservations in advance.


10:00~18:30(open year round)