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Symphony party cruise – Take some time away from your busy lifestyle to enjoy a relaxing outing around Tokyo Bay.

Company name Sealine Tokyo Co.,Ltd
Head office 2-6-1,Shibaura,Minatoku,Tokyo Japan *Please send mail to the sales office.
Sales office 2-7-104,Kaigan,Minatoku,Tokyo Japan
Establishment April 27, 1988
Capital 50 million yen
Amount of sales 2.6 billion
Company history
April 1988
Establishment of Sealine Tokyo, Co., Ltd.
May 1989
Construction of cruising restaurant ship Symphony Commencement of restaurant ship operation
August 1992
Construction of cruising party & restaurant ship Symphony II and commencement of operation
April 1998
In conjunction with renewal, Symphony renamed Symphony Classica and Symphony II renamed Symphony Moderna
April 2013
25th anniversary of company founding (commemorative ceremony held on April 25th)
May 2014
25th year of service for Symphony Classica
April 2015
Renewal of Symphony Classica
Lunch cruise
Afternuun cruise
Sanset cruise
Dinner cruise
Panorama cruise

Declaration against antisocial forces

Policy regarding antisocial forces
We hereby declare that all companies belonging to Hato Bus Group stand steadfastly against gangs and other antisocial forces.

Hato Bus Group Declaration against antisocial forces

  1. Hato Bus Group will in no way associate with any antisocial forces that threaten the order and safety of civil society.
  2. Hato Bus Group will in no way respond to the demands of any antisocial forces.
  3. Hato Bus Group shall carry out all necessary legal responses to both civil and criminal affairs in cooperation with police, the National Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, lawyers, and other external expert organizations.

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