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  • Is there a dress code?
    There is no particular dress code. Please wear relaxing casual clothing appropriate for the season.
  • Is there a parking lot?
    Please accept our apologies. We do not have a parking lot, so please use the nearest public transportation.
  • Where does Symphony operate?
    It depends on the time of day, but the ships leave from Hinode Futo near Hamamatsucho, and they sail past Odaiba, Rainbow Bridge, Wakasu Seaside Park, the sea off Maihama Disney Resort, the sea off Haneda Airport, and more.
    See the cruise map here.
  • Are there two Symphony ships?
    Yes. There are two Symphony ships. The Symphony Classica, and the Symphony Moderna. The ship used will depend on the type of reservation and the date, but both are well-equipped.
    See here for more information about the ships.
  • Where is Hinode Futo?
    Hinode Futo is 12 minutes on foot via a connecting passageway from the South Exit of Hamamatsucho Station, or one minute on foot from Hinode Station on the Yurikamome Line.
    Look for the Symphony billboard near the entrance to the waiting room.
    Address: 2-7-104 Kaigan, Minatoku, Tokyo
    See here for transportation access information
  • Is it possible to just ride the boat?
    Yes, of course. You are welcome to relax on the open deck or in the bar lounge.
    However, this option may not be available if the boat is chartered. Please inquire in advance.
  • Can I board the ship early if I arrive early?
    Boarding begins ten minutes before departure. An announcement will be made to let people know when it is time to board.
    On the day of your cruise, you will be issued a boarding pass with your venue printed on it, so please board when your venue is announced.
  • Is the cruise ever cancelled due to heavy rain?
    As a general rule, rain does not cause the sailing to be cancelled. However, if there is a typhoon or other extreme weather that can impact the safety of the sailing, the sailing may use a modified route or be cancelled.
  • Is there a bar onboard?
    Yes. There is a bar lounge located on the third floor of the Symphony Classica and on the fourth floor of the Symphony Moderna. Cocktails and light meals are available in the lounge, so it can be used as a place to relax after a meal, or for passengers who have not reserved a meal.
  • Is there accommodation onboard?
    Many apologies, but Symphony does not provide accommodation facilities.
  • What should I do if I think I'll be late in arriving?
    If it is ten minutes before sailing and a customer has still not arrived, we will try to call and confirm their position, and make a decision based on that information.
    However, in many cases reservations are made with a home phone number and we are not able to get in touch. With this in mind, whenever possible, please include your mobile phone number when making a reservation, or call us if you think you might be late.
  • Can I pay with cash? Do you accept foreign currency?
    We accept cash and credit cards. Payment cannot be made with foreign currency.
  • Is seating designated?
    Yes, it is. When you board the ship, a staff member will show you to your seat.
  • Are there any staff onboard who speak foreign languages such as Chinese and English?
    Depending on who is on shift on a particular day, there are times when there may not be staff available who speak other languages. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Cruising plans with meals

  • How far in advance can I make a reservation?
    Reservations begin two months before the day.
  • What sort of food is there?
    French cuisine, Italian cuisine, buffets, and more. There are a variety of packages. All meals are packaged with the boarding fee, so choose one that fits your budget and preferences.
  • What is the difference between the different French courses?
    The price of the meal changes depending on the number of courses and the type of ingredients used.
  • Can I ask for a specific seat?
    A window seat is guaranteed only with the Royal set, KAISEKI style (French Dish), and Special Beef French packages.
  • Can our whole group sit at one table?
    We can provide a single table for up to about ten guests. However, depending on the package and reservations of other guests, we may require your group to be split among several tables. In such a situation, we will try to seat members of the same group as closely together as possible.
  • Will I have to sit at a table with people I don't know?
    No. We don't make people sit together.
  • Are drink charges included in the package?
    The charges are not included except some products such as Bar Lounge Plan.
    We accept orders onboard. Displayed prices do not include a service charge.
    * Please inquire in the case of chartered reservations.
  • Can I pay with a credit card?
    Yes. You can pay with credit card. However, in the event that the credit card terminal has a poor wireless connection during cruising, it can take time to process.
    We accept the following cards:
  • Can I board the ship without an advance reservation?
    Yes. You can board without an advance reservation. However, depending on the situation on that day, there may be a limited menu selection. Additionally, if it is directly before departure, it may be too late to prepare the food or there may not be enough available seats, so we strongly recommend making advance reservations.
  • Can small children ride the ship?
    Of course. Please enjoy making memories with your small children on our cruise.
    Note: The French and Italian meals served on the Dinner Cruise cannot be ordered for children younger than grade school age.
    Note: The Sushi dining Kanon cannot be ordered for children age 12 and under.
  • Are there non-smoking seats?
    Yes, please be assured; the restaurant venue is completely non-smoking.
    Smokers are invited to use the smoking areas located on the ship.
  • I want to make a reservation for the restaurant, but how should I pay?
    You can pay in advance with a credit card.
  • Can I make a reservation online?
    Yes. We will send an e-mail (or call) with a customer-specific reservation number (six digits) which indicates that your reservation has been accepted. Please be prepared to give your six-digit reservation number when making inquiries and at reception before boarding on the day of your cruise. In the event that your reservation cannot be accepted due to a lack of vacancies or other conditions, we will contact you by email or by telephone.
    * If you do not receive any contact from our company, please excuse the inconvenience but please contact us by email or by telephone.
    In some cases, it may take one or two days for us to contact you. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
    Make reservations here.
    TEL: Symphony Reservation Center
    +81-3-6858-4506 (10:00 to 18:30, open year round)

About reserving private rooms and charters

  • Can I charter the ship?
    Private room reservations are accepted six months in advance, and charter (reserving the entire ship) reservations begin a year in advance.
  • Is it possible to hold a private party?
    Yes. Symphony has nine banquet rooms of varying sizes which can be used for formal dinners, parties, and receptions. The entire boat can also be chartered, so please inquire for details.
  • What is the minimum number of people required for a private party?
    It depends on the type of party, but private rooms can accommodate a minimum of six people and a maximum of 280 people.
  • Do you provide anything to help create a party mood?
    Yes. We have many options including live jazz, classical music such as a string quartet, and magicians to help spice up your party.
  • What sort of food is there?
    For seated dining, there is a French course, and for standing or seated buffet-style dining there is a buffet with mainly Japanese-style Western food.
  • Can I choose the length of the cruise?
    It can be possible to choose the length of the cruise in the event of a whole-ship charter. Please inquire for details.