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The Tokyo landscape changes depending on the season and time of day.
Enjoy the view while dining on a special meal.

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  • Lunch Cruise 11:50~14:00

    On the refreshing lunch cruise with a daylight view of Tokyo Bay, see Odaiba and Tokyo Disney Resort while feeling like a sightseeing voyager if only for an afternoon.
    Meals include French cuisine, Italian cuisine, and buffet dining.

  • Afternoon Cruise 15:00~15:50

    Pass a stylish afternoon with dessert and coffee.
    This is a short 50-minute cruise so it's easy to join in.

  • Sunset Cruise 16:20~18:20

    Romantics who are in-the-know love this cruise.
    The atmosphere of this cruise changes with the seasons. It offers a magical view of Tokyo Bay at twilight.
    Why not come discover what time of year suits you best?

  • Dinner Cruise 19:00~21:30

    Reminiscent of the Manhattan skyline, the atmosphere onboard also becomes much more romantic after dark on this last cruise of the day.
    Experience a moment of elegance here in Tokyo.
    The sight of the sparkling skyscrapers from the deck of the Symphony is like a scene from a movie.

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